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Virtualisation Services

Virtualisation can lower your expenditure by reducing the amount of standard hardware. Virtualisation enables your business to do more with less meaning a quicker ROI and reduced ownership costs.

Virtualisation provides users with a secure desktop without a geographic limitation. A virtualisation solution consolidates physical servers allowing for anytime, anywhere access for employees helping lower maintenance and hardware costs.


  • Resource utilisation rates increase to 60% to 80% vs.5% to 10% with traditional computing environments
  • Hardware costs reduce by 40% to 50%
  • Power related costs decrease by 30% to 50%
  • Provisioning times shrink by 50% to 70%

Virtual Environments Begin with Understanding Your Business

The implementation of a virtualisation solution begins by understand the objectives and operational specifics of your business. Wizzardry Computer Services conduct a detailed assessment, before creating a plan that streamlines the deployment and maximises the impact of virtualisation for your business.