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Warning – NICE Blood Results Email Scam

If you haven’t heard already, you should be aware of the latest variant of email scam that is circulating.

Traditionally scammers offer a financial reward, or attempt to convince you that there is a problem with online banking in order to get victims to reveal confidential information.

The latest sick attempt to entice people into visiting fraudulent sites/infect computers with malware involves sending an email apparently from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). This email advises that there is a problem with blood results and that the victim may have cancer. Unfortunately this is enough to scare some into hurriedly following the links in the email, and unwittingly becoming victims.

As always, please be very cautious clicking any links in any emails. It always pays to open an internet browser and visit the real site directly, or contact the sender to verify the content of any email that is out of the ordinary.

More information here –> 

If you have any doubt about the itegrity of your computers or network, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may assist you. Failure to act early could lead to further disclosure of your private information.



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