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DarkMarket – Cybercrime

I got a personal mention in the Sunday Times on 21.08.11, relating to the discovery of a fraudster, who was sought worldwide.
The article is an excerpt from the book, available from
DarkMarket: CyberThieves, CyberCops and You by Misha Glenny, is authoritative and completely engrossing. Its a must-read for everyone who uses a computer: the essential crime book for our times.

“In Darryl Leaning, a local lad, they found the right person to take on the job. Apart from his technical competence, he was young and scrupulously honest, but perhaps most importantly his relaxed, friendly manner disguised an unusually sharp wit. It is a little appreciated fact that the best computer managers are as talented in managing social and psychological expectations as they are in fixing widgets.”

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