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Spiceworks – It’s everything IT

If you run, manage or maintain a computer network, Spiceworks is something you probably should be aware of.
“Spiceworks is the complete network management software, helpdesk, network configuration & IT reporting solution designed to manage everything IT in small & medium businesses.”

Spiceworks now has both an iPhone & Android app for remote management of devices & tickets.

I have been using Spiceworks since version 1.6, & I use it as a full helpdesk ticket system, and my main troubleshooting and network overview tool. The network inventory, which also includes timeline change tracking of devices, and many other useful tools for network administrators is invaluable. VMware & ESX Servers are also supported.
Spiceworks is totally free, supported by unobtrusive & useful IT related advertisements.
A summary of features are below, taken straight from the Spiceworks homepage (hyperlinked):

Inventory Your Network

Monitor Your Network

Run an IT Help Desk

Manage Configuration Changes

Map Your Network

Troubleshoot Network Problems

Be an MSP

Join an IT Pro Community

I really can’t give this product enough credit for what it does and the time it saves.
The community behind Spiceworks are also very knowledgeable, when you need help with pretty much any IT related issue.

You should also check out the “unofficial” SpiceWorks site, which has the latest unreleased news and hints, managed by Andy (akp982), a very active member/friend from the Spiceworks Community.

Click the button below, and try Spiceworks for yourself.
Set It Free!

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