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WordPress Security Plugins

Security is a hot topic, and I would just like to introduce you to WordFence. Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with geolocation and more. Over the coming weeks i’ll be posting more really valuable plugins that make life easier for WordPress designers or […]

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Error when removing Exchange 2003 – Bridgehead connectors already removed, but Exchange setup thinks they exist.

You are trying remove Exchange 2003, but you get an error similar to “you cannot remove a server that is a target bridgehead for a routing group connector. This server is a target bridgehead for the following connections”.You have removed the connector in ESM. You have run the Remove-RoutingGroupConnector command on the Exchange 2007/2010 servers […]

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vSphere – Problems with licencing and MAC addresses after 5.1 ESXi host upgrade

After upgrading an ESX cluster from vSphere 5.0 to vSphere 5.1 a VM failed to reboot.. Instead, an error message was issued: Failed to start the virtual machine.  Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.  Could not set up “macAddress” for ethernet0. Invalid MAC address specified.  00:0C:29:A0:B0:1D is not an allowed static Ethernet address. It conflicts with VMware reserved […]

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Stop your cursor jumping around in Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 and you have a touchpad on your laptop, you might find that the cursor jumps around while typing. It is a common issue with the Synaptics touchpad drivers (normally fixed by reinstalling them). If that doesn’t work, simply install and run this neat application called TouchFreeze and the problem […]

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DarkMarket – Cybercrime

I got a personal mention in the Sunday Times on 21.08.11, relating to the discovery of a fraudster, who was sought worldwide. The article is an excerpt from the book, available from DarkMarket: CyberThieves, CyberCops and You by Misha Glenny, is authoritative and completely engrossing. Its a must-read for everyone who uses a computer: […]

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Spiceworks – It’s everything IT

If you run, manage or maintain a computer network, Spiceworks is something you probably should be aware of. “Spiceworks is the complete network management software, helpdesk, network configuration & IT reporting solution designed to manage everything IT in small & medium businesses.” Spiceworks now has both an iPhone & Android app for remote management of […]

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